The Focus of Our Faith: Paul's Letter to the Jesus Believers at Colosse (PDF)

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Focus is important. The better your focus, the more clearly you can see. But it is important that your focus be on the right thing because your direction will follow your focus. When your focus is clear and on the right thing, then you will be heading in the right direction.

The gospel of our faith is the good news that the kingdom of God has come and Jesus is the Messiah, God’s anointed King. He is the focus of our faith — not only the One whom we fix our attention but also the One whom we view the whole world, to see more clearly and understand God’s purpose with greater wisdom. That is what Paul’s letter to the Jesus believers at Colosse is about. This book is a study of that letter. In it you will learn about:

  • The blessing and inheritance God has for you
  • The divine power trio: faith, hope and love
  • A walk that is worthy, a life that is pleasing and fruitful
  • Knowing God more and more
  • How all things hold together
  • Where all divine fullness dwells
  • The reconciliation of heaven and earth
  • The good news of God’s pleasure
  • The revelation of divine glory in you
  • Being rooted and built up in Jesus
  • The powers that have been disarmed
  • Living from a higher realm
  • The Word that qualifies us
  • Clothes for your new life
  • New life at home and in the community of faith
  • The spiral of watchful, thankful prayer
  • Walking in wisdom

These are “bite-size” studies to help guide you through Paul’s letter, a little at a time. At the end of each study are focus questions to help you think further about the truths Paul brings. They are open-ended questions to allow for maximum personal reflection and group discussion.

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The Focus of Our Faith: Paul's Letter to the Jesus Believers at Colosse (PDF)

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